Transmission & Drive-line


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This page contains Studebaker parts for the transmission and drive-line systems.


Studebaker Rear Axle Assembly

Rear Axle Assembly, # 18419, 47/11

We think this rear axle is a Dana 44. There is a 44 stamped on it and the casting number is #18419. The tag on it is marked 47/11.


Item #: 191


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Body - cab

Body - other


Studebaker Rear Axle Shaft

Rear Axle Shaft, V2776




Item #: 192

Cooling & Heating

Door & Window Hardware

Electrical - Chassis

Electrical - Engine


Studebaker Driveshaft


This drive shaft was removed from a 1956 c-cab pickup truck.



Item #: 195

Fuel & Exhaust

Hubcaps, Tires & Wheels

Instruments & Dash


Suspension & Steering

Studebaker Bell Housings

Bell Housings

The casting #’s on these bell housings are: 1887350-1, 1539082, and 1687350-2.



Item #: 196

Transmission & Drive-line

Windshield Wiper System


1956 “Stude” Pickup

1950’s Chevy Parts

Studebaker flywheels





Item #: 197






Studebaker Release/Throw-out Bearings

Release/Throw-out Bearings




Item #: 198






Studebaker Clutch Pressure Plates & Discs

Clutch Pressure Plates & Discs

We have several clutch pressure plates and discs. The disc sizes range from 8” to 11”.



Item #: 200






Universal clutch & brake pedal return spring

Universal Clutch & Brake Pedal Return Spring, Champ-Items, Inc. # 981.



Item #: 201






Studebaker engine rear support plate

Engine Rear Support Plate

Goes between motor and bell housing.



Item #: 203






Studebaker Transmission, T86E-1

Transmission, T86E-1




Item #: 204






Square Clutch & Brake Pedal Pads

Square Clutch & Brake Pedal Pads

We have several of these pedal pads.



Item #: 149






Round Clutch & Brake Pedal Pads

Round Clutch & Brake Pedal Pads

We have several of these pedal pads.



Item #: 150






Future Item

Overdrive Relays

We will be adding more information about this item in the future, so please come back and check for updates.


Item #: n/a






Studebaker Clutch/brake pedal, # 674048

Clutch/Brake Pedal, # 674048




Item #: 207














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