Suspension & Steering


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This page contains Studebaker parts for the steering and suspension systems.


Studebaker Steering Wheel

Studebaker Steering Wheel

We think this steering wheel came off of an E38 truck.



Item #: 151


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Body - cab

Body - other


Studebaker Steering Wheel Horn Button

Studebaker Steering Wheel Horn Button




Item #: 152

Cooling & Heating

Door & Window Hardware

Electrical - Chassis

Electrical - Engine


Studebaker Steering Column & Gear Box

Studebaker Steering Column & Gear Box, TA 14, 2984 or 2684

We think this steering column and gear box came off of an E38 truck.



Item #: 153

Fuel & Exhaust

Hubcaps, Tires & Wheels

Instruments & Dash


Suspension & Steering

Studebaker Tie rod ends

Tie Rod Ends




Item #: 155

Transmission & Drive-line

Windshield Wiper System


1956 “Stude” Pickup

1950’s Chevy Parts

King Pin Toledo K-352

Toledo King Pin Kit, K-352

Some one wrote “1941 stude champ car” on the box. Not sure if this is true, will need to cross reference the Toledo part number to Studebaker part number.


Item #: 156






Rear Leaf Springs, bolts and bushings

Rear Leaf Springs, Bolts and Bushings, # 1685377

New leaf springs. These springs will fit on a 6 cyl. 1955/56 c-cab truck.



Item #: 157






Spring U-Bolts

Spring U-Bolts




Item #: 158

















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